Motec telemetry

There are a number of third party software tools that integrate with iRacing to improve your simracing experience or to aid you in your driving practice or racing.

How to Use Data Logging: An Introduction (Motorsport)

If you are part of a team, there are some nifty tools for team communication and sharing files such as setup or replays. YouTube, there is software to help you with that as well. This awareness can be developed. The good news is that iRacing comes with a basic telemetry tool called the delta bar.

It is enabled by default in test sessions and is otherwise activated and deactivated using the TAB key. The delta bar shows you the time delta of your current lap against a comparison lap and whether you are gaining or losing time at the moment. It is a great tool to build your awareness.

All that is great, but beware that the delta bar may be a distraction and can cause you to lose time. By comparing telemetry from your laps, you can identify differences in your racing lines, or differences in your steering, braking and throttle inputs. By analyzing the patterns you can identify what you do differently in your faster laps compared to your average laps. Telemetry can uncover this. Once you have this newfound awareness, you can return to the track and pay closer attention to your braking point.

Telemetry works best in teams iSpeed was the first telemetry tool to introduce a centralized public database of its fastest laps.

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This centralized database used to work pretty well until iRacing introduced dynamic weather. Telemetry is more useful the fewer variables changed between test runs, otherwise the comparison becomes skewed.

A change in weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on lap times with identical driving style. Range of tools There are a range of telemetry analysis tools you can use to analyze your iRacing telemetry. Tools like Atlas by McLaren and MoTeC i2 are used by professional real-life race teams and have plugins that allow them to read iRacing telemetry file format. They come with telemetry presets that make it easy to analyze your driving style, which is all you need to develop your self-awareness.

Beyond improving driving style, telemetry analysis tools are extremely useful for tuning the car. In fact, this is mostly what they were originally built for. For example, you can use telemetry tools to find the sweet spot between higher topspeed or more downforce, or lower and higher tire pressures, or the optimal ride height.

For competitive teams, setups, replay and telemetry files are sacred and highly guarded from the competition. People have for the longest time been privately sharing files by uploading them to private FTP servers, or by been emailing files back and forth.

Then, with the advent of services like Google DriveDropbox and OneDrivesharing files in the cloud became the new norm. Nowadays, sharing telemetry and setup files within a team is possible with the team features of Virtual Racing School or iAnalyze. Then, team communication is great for after-session banter.

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Skype is a good option, because of its popularity. Specially built for gaming are the offerings of TeamspeakMumbleand Discord.For the last several years, technology has been introduced in all professional fields and the motorsport world has not been an exception.

Have the best driver is not always a synonym to winning races. Aerodynamics, engine, suspensions and tires are essential for a race car.

The main goal of this article is how to take all the information provided by iRacing and how use MoTeC for display the data and improve our driving perfomance or our setups.

Telemetry is a technology that allows remote measurement of physical quantities for later analysis. Applied in the motorsport world, it will allow us to gather all the information provided by the vehicle to analyze desired aspects like car behaviors that affect the dynamics of the vehicle or driver inputs.

Our main advantage using sims is that we have to completely forget about testing the sensors in the different parts of the vehicle. Installed and configured correctly. Mu Exporter : A little software that will allow us to convert our extracted telemetry files into iRacing to be used in MoTeC.

It delivers an extensive package of powerful analysis tools and innovative data management features, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface. To save telemetry in a session, we will first need to enter a session, whether in test, practice or career.

Once we are inside the vehicle, we must press ALT-L. We must look at a new widget that will be activated below the display box. While the indicator is active, all the information will be recorded in a file that we will examine later. In the case where you wish not to record any telemetry, pressing ALT-L again will stop. Note: It is advisable to deactivate this option and only use it at the necessary times, since otherwise we will occupy disk space.

When you have a few files, it is important to sort them by date, it is the best way to see the last ones and organize them in some way. This program will allow us to import these files into MoTeCconverting them into another extension so they can be analyzed. When the conversion is completed automaticallyour files will be ready to be imported into MoTeC. The first time we open the software we will have to create a new workspace.

In this first article we will focus only on importing the data we have recorded to verify that they are displayed correctly.International venues are supported with an alternate SIM card that supports other networks.

The gateway provides fast update rates to allow accurate data while simplifying trackside setup by utilizing smaller antennas and eliminating the necessity of repeaters.

The gateways come preconfigured to work seamlessly upon power up. Custom configurations can be implemented with an upgrade. The gateway connections are all on the top surface to improve flexibility in mounting arrangement. The case is water resistant and features 3 antenna connections and an Autosport connector for signals and supplies. Continuous device uptime during transient voltage operation, such as power cycling or starting the vehicle, is achieved via an internal super-capacitor system.

It is NOT advised for the average installer. An advanced understanding of electrical systems is necessary. Fischer Motorsports will support all sales and also offers professional grade wiring harnesses and installation services for all applications.

Please remember that if you cannot find the time or finances to do the job right the first time, you will ultimately end up looking for time or funds to do it over again.

Select us or find a qualified installer, it will ultimately increase your results and minimize future expenses or downtime related to improper setup or installation. Specifications Dimensions: 6. Add to cart Details. Select options Details. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!

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Menu Close.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Mu is a telemetry exporter that converts iRacing telemetry files. MoTeC has no affiliation with iRacing.

Please do not ask them for support. Mu can be run with iRacing or on its own. Mu will monitor the Import Directory and export any telemetry automatically. Exported telemetry can then be analyzed by the software of your choice.

When Mu is run in conjunction with iRacing, Mu can automatically turn on Telemetry Capture and save the setup that was used to generate the telemetry. Mu has a user interface UI that will appear when launched.

Additionally, it will continue to run in the background if the UI is closed. Mu is accessible from the Windows system tray, and right-clicking will display a dialogue with options for exiting the program, displaying the UI, and other functions.

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GPS in iRacing allows for an alternative way to determine the position of the car on the track, the generation of laps, and the generation of the trackmap. Due to precision of the MoTeC data, GPS data needs to be combined from multiple channels actual race teams need to do this as well. The Math formula you should use is as follows:. Mu supports loading of car information from an configuration file.

To define the configuration file, create a text file with the name 'vehicleinfo. The file must be in YAML format. Units can be given in the following quantities. Usage of quantities not explicitly labeled below will result in incorrect data in MoTeC:. Additional vehicle information can be exported into MoTeC that can be used in Maths or just general information.

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An example of a vehicle entry is as follows. Additional vehicles and attributes can be added. See the sample below for a complete example of how to add more vehicles and attributes. Only the values for the vehicle used in generating the telemetry will be included in the export.Advanced features, datalog, DBW.

Fischer Motorsports fischermotorsports Engine Management. Track Kits. Power Distribution. It represents excellent value for a wide range of up to eight cylinder and two rotor applications. Applications up to twelve cylinders are possible using group fire or semi-sequential injection. The DOS-based tuning software is efficient and easy to use. Several upgrades are available to increase the functionality of the M48 including traction and launch control, anti-lag and data logging, to name just a few.

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Several options are available as upgrades to customise and grow your system. These additional features are activated through a simple password system, at any time when you need it.

This option is enabled for a free evaluation period of the first 6 hours engine running time.

MoTeC RaceGrade 4G LTE Telemetry Kit

Telemetry Enables transmission of live data from the vehicle to the pit where it can be viewed in real time using the MoTeC Telemetry Monitor software. Requires radio modems or other means of transmission.

Remote Logging Enables converting telemetry data into a log file to use with i2 data analysis software. Requires the Telemetry upgrade.

It is user-friendly with an intuitive menu structure and extensive help screens. Latest versions of software available at MoTeC. The tuning can be carried out online with the ECU connected or offline. Wiring Looms Generic wiring looms to be terminated to suit your installation are available.

Fuel Delivery Components to deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine including fuel injectors, pumps, regulators, filters, fittings and adapters. Ignition Systems Inductive and capacitive ignition devices, including the eight channel CDI8, ignition expanders, ignition coils and distributors. Sensors Lambda sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, crank, cam and speed sensors, force and motion sensors, and position sensors.

Shift Lights Single shift lights. It is NOT advised for the average installer. An advanced understanding of electrical systems is necessary. Fischer Motorsports will support all sales and also offers professional grade wiring harnesses and installation services for all applications. Please remember that if you cannot find the time or finances to do the job right the first time, you will ultimately end up looking for time or funds to do it over again.

Select us or find a qualified installer, it will ultimately increase your results and minimize future expenses or downtime related to improper setup or installation. Our used inventory is constanty changing.

motec telemetry

MoTeC's fully updatable software is designed to quickly optimise the setup of your vehicle. Shipping Most of our items ship same day. If we expect an item to take longer than three business days to ship we will let you know. International shipments may take up to five business days to ship. Please see the eBay shipping calculator for an exact shipping quote to your location.

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motec telemetry

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How to use MoTeC on iRacing?

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Overview Updates 7 Reviews 64 History Discussion. Some of its key features are: Record telemetry data in Motec i2 compatible log files i2 v1. View live telemetry data in user-configurable workspaces.

Easy in-game control over telemetry acquisition. Included in the package are: The acti client.This decision can be reversed. MoTeC's i2 data analysis software has been developed over a number of years with valuable input from professional race teams worldwide. It delivers an extensive package of powerful analysis tools and innovative data management features, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface. Designed from the ground up for speed and flexibility, the i2 environment can be customised to specific user requirements.

Any number and combination of graphs, gauges and reports can be analysed simultaneously. User settings, screen layouts and maths are stored with each project, making it easy to deal with multiple vehicles or motorsport categories and to share data in a team environment.

Before continuingyou must first download the plugin files for rFactor 2 from here. Note: These steps assume you have "Hide extensions for known file types" un-checked from the Windows Folder Options View. If done correctly, you'll have the MotecPlugin. If not, try it again. If correctly installed, when you run rFactor 2 the plugin will create a new LOG folder to store the logs, a MotecPlugin.

To change the options, quit out of rF2, find the MotecPlugin. By default, logging is active on startup, which means all your driving will be logged. When you jump into a car you'll hear beeps indicating the current logging status:. Note: In the current version of rF2 a red plugin icon appears when you jump in the car; this is normal and doesn't mean anything has gone wrong.

motec telemetry

However, plugins are not active until this icon disappears again currently less than a secondso if you have logging active you won't get logged data for this period, and if you try to switch it on you won't be able to until the icon disappears. When logging is finished, either through switching it off or by exiting the car, you will hear the beeps indicating the log has finished being built converted from the temp file usually after a short pause.

You can then open it up in i2Pro as you wish. If you log a lot of data then try to immediately exit rF2, it might pause on a blackscreen for a short period. A driving stint of several hours should only take s to finish converting. The first time you open it, it will show a welcome screen prompting you to watch a demo video, you may choose to watch it or not.

Please select your region.

You'll be presented with 4 types of profiles: Circuit, Drag, Engine, and Rally. For demonstration purposes, we'll select "Circuit" as we mostly race on them. After this, you can click on Next and then Finish. You are done! Now you can start playing with the tool and your workspace so that it suits your needs. Back Cars Tracks Plug-ins.

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