Mariana gantu 2015

Today is the three-year anniversary of the Mariana disaster. After an iron ore tailings dam collapsed in the municipality of Mariana, some 65 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the equivalent of 25, Olympic swimming pools of toxic sludge was spilled, destroying entire towns and resulting in 19 deaths.

It also devastated the Rio Doce. Thousands of animals were killed and experts at the time reckoned that it would take decades to reverse the catastrophic damage caused. It was the result of a series of mistakes, neglect and a lack of respect. Samarco, the mining company which owned the dam, is not alone in shouldering the blame.

Brazilian public institutions also failed to reinforce the already-loose legislation concerning environmental risks. Today, The Brazilian Report is re-publishing a series of reports discussing the causes of the disaster, its repercussions, and how it could have been avoided. Some of the material was originally published in Portuguese by Brioand was translated into English for the first time by the now-defunct plus Since the publication of these articles, Samarco was fined BRL 20 billion for its role in the tragedy, and homicide charges were brought against 21 executives of mining behemoths Vale and BHP Billiton, the joint owners of Samarco.

The case is still awaiting trial. An internal investigation by the Minas Gerais state government into the culpability of government officials has also not been completed. There is as of yet no estimation as to when this investigation will be concluded.

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Samarco dam collapse: one year on from Brazil's worst environmental disaster

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mariana gantu 2015

Iti multumim ca ai descarcat In zile de sarbatori Mp3 Album Cd Original de pe site-ul nostru si speram ca vei reveni in curand sa descarci si alte fisiere asemanatoare. Olguta Berbec - Num-o fata mama are Anica Gantu - Au, au fir-ar de iubit Nicusor Micsoniu - Am o fata ma mandresc Anica Gantu- Ma-ntreaba nana pe mine Vasile Ciobanu - Dant Nina Predescu - Liliac de la ponoare Irina Zoican - Socru mare ma vazui Mariana Gantu - Nana ochisorii tai Olguta Berbec - Sunt floare mehedinteana Marian Medregoniu - Dantu-i fala-n Mehedinti Delia Barbu - Eu la joc, nana la joc Alina Darap-Padurar cu pusca franta Sanda Argint - Intr-un sat din Mehedinti Marioara Trita Craiete - Ce treci nana pe la poarta Andra Caprusu - Dragostea n-am cui o-mparte Diana Mirea -Trecui valea -i un ogas Anica Gantu - La fintina parasita Nina Predescu - Cum am vorbit nana noi Ileana Mustacel-Pe nana Ilie il cheama Nicusor Micsoniu - Hai mandra la mana mea Alina Darap-Hai nana cu mine la munte Vasile Ciobanu - Trecui valea si-un ogas The failure of the dam released The total impact of the disaster, including the reason for failure and the environmental consequences, are officially under investigation and remain unclear.

Incharges of manslaughter and environmental damage were filed against 21 executives, including Samarco's former CEO and representatives from Samarco's owners, Vale and BHP Billitonon its board of directors. Controversy over the investigation grew after a report, indicating structural issues in the dam, was leaked. Immediately, a team of outsourced employees was sent to the scene, and they tried to mitigate the leak by deflating part of the reservoir. Bento Rodrigues, which lies 2.

mariana gantu 2015

Other villages and districts in the Gualaxo river valley, also in the region of Mariana, suffered minor damage. Bento Rodrigues is only accessible by unpaved back roads.

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The incident rendered Bento Rodrigues completely inaccessible by road, hindering firefighters ' rescue efforts. The only available method of transport into or out of the location was via helicopter. There was a school in the area where the flood occurred, and the teachers were able to remove the students before school.

mariana gantu 2015

Samarco and the neighboring communities did not have a contingency plan or evacuation routes in the event of dam failure. Had such plans existed, residents may have been able to evacuate in a timely manner to more secure regions. Around people were evacuated to Mariana, and troops of the Brazilian Armed Forces were deployed to assist.

Nineteen people were killed, "Entire fish populations — at least 11 tons — were killed immediately when the slurry buried them or clogged their gills", and "the force of the mudflow destroyed 1, hectares 3, acres of riparian forest.

At around pm on the day of 5 November, the tailings of iron ore reached the Rio Doce.

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In total, the river covers municipalities that use its bed for subsistence. The waste also reached the hydroelectric power plant of Risoleta Neves in Santa Cruz do Escalvado within kilometres of Mariana. According to the company that runs the power plant, its functioning was not affected. On 9 November, the city of Governador Valadares stopped the water intakes due to the mud on the Rio Doce.

The next day, a State of Public Calamity was decreed in response to the water shortage in the city. According to analyses carried out in the city, the mud contains greater than acceptable concentrations of heavy metalssubstances harmful to health, such as arseniclead and mercury. On 22 November, fine waste particles in suspension reached the Atlantic Ocean. On 7 Januaryfine waste particles reached the southern Bahia littoral zone.

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The park is considered of vital importance to the Brazilian ecosystem since it hosts the greatest marine biodiversity in the whole southern Atlantic ocean.

According to the press, many of the deputies that composed such commissions had received donations from Vale to finance their campaigns. However, critics argued that the deputies' participation was clearly biased.

mariana gantu 2015

In Januarythe leaking of internal documents from 14 months before the disaster revealed that Samarco had been warned about the possibility of the dam collapses.Born to a French father and an Indonesian mother, Dantec started her modeling career at the age of 13 in Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition to modelling career, Dantec has appeared in several music videos. InDantec landed her first film, taking a supporting role in Joko Anwar 's romantic comedy Janji Joni. Dantec then took a break from acting to finish her master's degree at the University of New South Wales.

After she graduated inDantec settled in Australia and traveled to Central American countries for a year. You don't need to be too tall, you don't need to be skinny". A story about rekindled lovers, it was released in March and aired weekly on Thursday and Friday through Line Story official account.

InDantec participated in the International Labour Organization 's campaign in promoting voluntary counselling and HIV testing for workers. She noted, "Many people living with HIV have no access to information and to care as well as treatment.

Even in many countries they lose their rights to employment".

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And You in BroadwayNew York. Dantec is the only child in the family. Her cousin, Renata Kusmantois a model and actress. Their mothers are twins. Her cousin-in-law, Fachry Albaris an actor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mariana Renata. ParisIle-de-FranceFrance. Actress Model. Wilhelmina Models. Harper's Bazaar Indonesia in Indonesian.

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Big Bob American Dad! Principal Lewis Human Discoveries Bear Young Justice J'onn J'onzz Teen Titans Go!Reciprocally, she also explores how health shapes socioeconomic outcomes for individuals and communities. Her applied and translational research on the social determinants of health tackles the ways in which urban policy and planning decisions shape health risk factors. In both her scholarly and applied work, Mariana maintains a focus on health disparities, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Methodologically, she uses quantitative approaches, including multilevel modeling, spatial statistics, and latent variable modeling, to better understand place and its affect on health. Mariana's research explores dynamic relationships between geographic contexts, particularly neighborhoods, and health. Mariana pursues scholarly and policy-relevant research in two main streams. First, she analyze bi-directional relationships between place and health. This includes exploring how health shapes socioeconomic outcomes for individuals and communities, and estimating how specific contextual exposures affect health.

Second, she conduct applied and translational research on the social determinants of health. Methodologically, Mariana focus on the analysis of statistically dependent data, including spatial, longitudinal, social network, and hierarchical data. Our team is conducting a Health Impact Assessment HIA on state funding for the Small Business Technical Assistance Program, which provides technical assistance and training grants to assist small businesses located in underserved communities in Massachusetts.

Several smaller assessments of criminal justice reform- and immigration- related proposals would serve as the backbone of HIA workshops for public health students, practitioners, and community organizers. Linking natural constituents for HIA at the community-level, researchers eager to inform evidence-based decision-making, and experienced state agency HIA practitioners will help to seed a "bottom-up," sustainable approach for considering health in all policies that can withstand political trends or changes in state leadership.

Mariana disaster: a look back at the 2015 tragedy

Despite ample observational evidence suggesting that insecure and unaffordable housing negatively affects health, experimental studies are lacking. The lottery will determine placement in 95 units of affordable rental housing units.

A later lottery will allocate the opportunity to buy 51 affordable condominiums. The project is currently developing, pilot testing, and translating a baseline health and housing screening tool that Asian Community Development Corporation will administer to housing lottery applicants prior to randomization.

We propose extending three existing cohort studies of Hurricane Katrina survivors to understand the mechanisms by which disasters affect the mental and physical health of vulnerable populations over the long-term. The study takes advantage of prospectively collected, multidimensional pre-disaster baseline data and two waves of geocoded post-disaster surveys. Analyses are designed to investigate how individual- and community-level factors shape recovery trajectories. In addition to its contribution to disaster research, the inclusion of individuals involuntarily displaced to new neighborhoods provides a unique opportunity to explore contextual effects on health.

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